The Haunted Halls

The Haunted Halls is a legendary dungeon located in Starwater Gorge, north of Eveningstar. The entrance to the Halls is located on the east side of the gorge, a few miles past The Killing Keep.

The Haunted Halls were built by dwarves for the human bandit lord Rivior after he decided his keep further down the gorge did not provide enough protection for the riches he had amassed. After Rivior was slain, the Halls were deserted for a time, but soon the Halls became home to monsters and evil mages, and as such became a destination for adventures looking to prove their valor and thieves seeking untold riches. Rumors say that the number of violent deaths in the former bandit hold led to a large amount of undead, and gave the place its current name.

There have been recent reports of Zhenterim activity in the Halls.

Thanatos has informed the party that the Halls are the current location of The Slow Knife, though she is unable to reveal exactly where.

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The Haunted Halls

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