maggestar.JPGThis device appears to be a many-spined, silvery metal globe. When touched by a wizard, it glows and levitates, floating beside the wizard, looking very much like will-o’-wisps. Spells cast at a magestar are absorbed and give the device 1 hp per spell level (a fireball sucked into a mage- star gives it 3 hp and negates the effect of the fireball). All known spells cast at a magestar (including area effect spells) are absorbed, but active magics are not cancelled if a magestar enters the area.

At the owner’s mental bidding (or automatically if he collapses or falls unconscious), the device moves to touch him and passes absorbed hit points to him as healing energy. If not “charged” with spells, it gives only 1d4 hp.

If any creature able to cast spells or possessing spell-like natural powers touches a magestar, “ownership” of the device passes to that creature. Only creatures with such powers can use a magestar. Ownership can change once per round if a magestar is touched repeatedly. A creature can “own” only one magestar at a time.

Magestars have energy limits which vary unpredictably from one to another. A starved one shrinks, grows dim, then vanishes; an overloaded one explodes (4d6 blast damage to all within 20 feet; save for half damage).

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