Eveningstar is a pastoral village surrounded by fields and orchards situated in an elbow of the Starwater River just north of the King’s Forest in Cormyr. It stands at the intersection of the High Road, which runs west to High Horn and East to Arabel, and the Skywater Road (known by locals as the “Suzail Road” or “Southrun”), which runs south to the village of Dhedluk in the King’s Forest (known by locals as the “Shadowood”). Immediately to the north of Eveningstar is the Eveningstar Gorge, or the Starwater Gorge. The gorge, formed by the Starwater River as it flows down from the Storm Horn Mountains, provides relatively easy access to the Helmlands and the Storm Horns and is the only significant break in the limestone Stonecliff that runs from Tyrluk to the west to just short of Arabel.

Eveningstar is an agricultural community producing primary products such as milk, eggs, poultry, mutton, carrots, beans and parsnips, as well as value added goods such as cheese, parchment, wool and wine; all of which are sold at a weekly farmers market. Eveningstar is also a popular stopover for frequent overland caravans, who patronize the local farmers and businesses.

Points of Interest

The Lonesome Tankard: The most popular tavern and inn in town
The House of Morning: Temple of Lathander

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