An eccentric wizard. Also, he's dead.


Hermetic and quite eccentric, Gwysol lived in a tower a few days’ ride from Eveningstar. He kept almost entirely to himself, though he was known to provide assistance to the House of Lathander from time to time, particularly in the department of identifying esoteric magical items. There is next to nothing known about Gwysol’s past, as most residents of Eveningstar tended to avoid the eccentric wizard, and those that do cross his path respected his privacy.

The party found Gwysol’s body in his keep, which was strange since there was already a wizard back in Eveningstar who looked and sounded like Gwysol. Upon the group’s smiting of that imposter, Eisydor, Lady Lord Tessaril was able to ask the dead Gwysol 10 questions…and he revealed himself to be Talmar Thunder(something), 1st in Command to the King Azoun and LLT’s old friend and mentor. He faked his own death and took on the persona of Gwysol to try to gather as much information on the Zhenterim as possible.

It has also been revealed that Gwysol is Sidhardda’s father.

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