The Shadow

The Shadow is some kind of force or event or power… it’s exact nature is unknown to any other than Thanatos, Chronos and Ilithiya. The best description thus far has been provided by Thanatos:

In the beginning there was a light. And then there was more. My sisters and I were present, but more unified then we are now. There was light, then more, and then a shadow came. The exact nature of this shadow I am not fully able to describe. It was as if it was …. nothing. My sisters and I fought this shadow and vanquished it. Or delayed it for some time, at the very least. The way in which we defeated I can’t explain, because even I don’t even know… my sisters and I made a choice to separate ourselves and separate this power into three to make sure the wielding of this power is something we could not do of our own accord. When we split, we gained our identities as we have them now.

My name is Thanatos. My sisters are Chronos and Ilithyia. We are still one, but we are separated in consciousness. The power we had wrought to defeat this shadow was split and contained in three artifacts. Each of us was given dominion over one artifact, but unable to know of the other two. Because the immense power imbued in these artifacts that created to overcome Shadow, we decided that part of our self-binding would ensure we could no longer wield these artifacts ourselves. We need mortal avatars to wield them.

This is why I need your help. The Zhenterim are trying to bring about the The Shadow. I do not believe they know what this will truly bring about.

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The Shadow

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