Lady Lord Tessaril Winter

Guardian of Eveningstar


Lord Tessaril is soft-spoken, beautiful, and not a mage and fighter to be trifled with.


Eveningstar is gently and attentively ruled by Lord Tessaril Winter. She is perceptive, considerate, and utterly loyal to King Azoun. Tessaril has a familiar, —a “tressrym” (or winged cat), and is rarely found without it riding on her shoulder or purring around her feet.

Tessaril is soft-spoken, quick to find amusement in life, and easy-going. When she gets angry, she is apt to turn white-faced and quiet. She gave up her adventuring career to serve the king and the village she loved, and put away thoughts of becoming a powerful wizard, but she still enjoys acquiring new spells and using those she knows to keep the peace and seek out evil intrigue.

Tessaril enjoys her work; she is proud of Eveningstar’’s peace and beauty, as well as her friendships with Dunman and other locals. The people love her, and she knows it. When not using her spells or wits to keep watch over the village, Tessaril enjoys using spells to help or entertain children. She also enjoys dancing in the evenings, with the men of the village, many of whom are helplessly in love with her (and will fight to the death for her).

Lord Winter has a soft spot for adventurers, fondly remembering her own career, and is apt to give them the benefit of the doubt. She keeps a close watch on all such types who enter her territory, knowing adventurers can be a source of rapid and ever-growing trouble.

Lady Lord Tessaril Winter

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